Science and Engineering Fair of Houston

Writing Contest Registration

Registration for the 59th Anniversary Science Engineering Fair of Houston will open Fall 2017. Registration is due by February 2, 2018.

The Science and Engineering Fair of Houston invites all participants in school or district level science fairs that are affiliated with SEFH to submit papers about their science fair projects to the annual Science Writing Contest. Goals of the contest include the following:


Submissions are to be submitted electronically. Team projects are not eligible. If you are a participant in this year’s SEFH or an SEFH affiliated school or district level science fair, you are eligible to submit a research paper that is based on your science fair project. Only paper submissions will be accepted if associated with a science fair project. Your project must adhere to the research and approval rules established by SEFH. There is no entry fee or entry quota for a school or district. Please submit your writing research project using the form below.


Winners will be recognized at the SEFH Awards Ceremony at the Cullen Performance Hall at University of Houston. Students will be informed of their awards prior to the ceremony. First, Second, Third Place, and Honorable Mention awards, where appropriate, will be presented in each division. Winning entries in the Senior Division may be eligible for competition in the International Student Technical Writing Contest sponsored by the Society for Technical Communication. Previous SEFH winners have been very successful in this competition.

Preparation of the Entry

Discuss the format and content of the paper with your supervising teacher to satisfy particular requirements for your topic. An abstract and bibliography/reference list should be included. Credit to those who assisted you with your project, including individuals, businesses, educational or research institutions should be included in an Acknowledgments section. Reference notes are encouraged. Number all pages. In addition to the paper, you may submit any or all of the following supporting materials: graphics, illustrations, photographs, or sample programs. Be conservative in your use of color printing. Guidelines for Citing References are presented on the next page. Supporting materials enhance the communication process but should be relevant and clearly labeled. Since entries cannot be returned, you may want to make duplicate copies of the paper, as well as the supporting materials, if you intend to include them with your project display.

  1. Type the paper, using double-spacing, on one side of good quality 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch paper.
  2. Make sure that your paper submission includes the following:
    • Title Page with Grade Level
    • Abstract
    • Bibliography
    • Name of Science Fair Project
    • Any supporting materials

To assure impartial judging, please adhere to the following: (1) Do not put your name on any of the pages of the paper or supporting materials; (2) Do not identify your school, school district, principal, supervising teacher or parents on any of the pages, or make reference to them in the paper.


A team composed of scientists, engineers and professional writers will review all of the entries, selecting winners for their clear statements of purpose; logical organization of writing and scientific argument; conciseness and consistency in word choice; relevance of the graphics to the text; skillful execution of the graphics; and competent use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. View the judging sheet used by SEFH essay judges for the criteria used in the decision process.

Online Registration